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Held by my prejudice

The other day we were travelling down to the old part of the city when we came across an injured exotic parrot near a traffic signal. It was amazing how everybody around got so concerned that it bought the traffic to a virtual halt.

Without any sign of discomfort about the traffic jam, everybody wa…

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Fostering a Bird Sanctuary

I was once given a task of building a bird sanctuary for 10 birds. So went about building a habitat for about 10 birds and a journey to find them. After careful consideration and personal choices we got the first ten.

Within a week we noticed that only three birds liked the habitat and rest of …

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More volatile than Fluorine

Yes it is more volatile than fluorine, and it’s the Indian job market.

Let’s take a look at the facts surrounding the ever so lucrative Indian job market as prospective candidates are willing to hop jobs within a year, sometimes in six months and the only option weighed while decision making is mo…

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Salary calculation Template – SAP

Another attempt at Templatization, this time it’s Salary.

The template helps you in arriving at a particular salary from a given standard, keep a check on your budget and gives the flexibility to over reach if the candidate is good enough.

Download 2007 version Salary Template.

Operation and func…

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