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Held by my prejudice

The other day we were travelling down to the old part of the city when we came across an injured exotic parrot near a traffic signal. It was amazing how everybody around got so concerned that it bought the traffic to a virtual halt.

Without any sign of discomfort about the traffic jam, everybody was concerned about the beautiful parrot. Few of us rushed through the chaos and held the bird in hand and tried to put it at an safer place in a park, tried to tend it’s wounds, also took it to a veterinarian who was specialist in birds. Made few friends whilst trying to save its live. It was almost like saving Blu from Rio.

And I was wondering if it was a big fat chicken, Nigel, who has escaped a poultry-farm van, would the story go as above?

No, I am prejudiced to beauty, an ugly looking chicken wouldn’t have got much of my attention. I would pity the guys whose food was lying on the road. And mind you we breed these filthy colorless fat creatures on a scale of 50 billion+ annually to slaughter them. Their life is not as important as one of the pretty looking parakeet that met with an accident and flung over my car.


I am held by my prejudice!

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