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Fostering a Bird Sanctuary

I was once given a task of building a bird sanctuary for 10 birds. So went about building a habitat for about 10 birds and a journey to find them. After careful consideration and personal choices we got the first ten.

Within a week we noticed that only three birds liked the habitat and rest of them flew off. We did some research and based on that optimized our habitat. We got another 10 birds anticipating some would leave. This time only five birds left.

We kept on optimizing our habitat to best be able to contain 10 birds however we realized that no matter what or how we improved some would always leave. There is no optimum habitat at one place for 10 different birds and as time goes by may be the requirements of the bird would change and they would migrate to better grounds for mating or to give birth.

Now compare this with your team. Does it happen so that no matter how hard you try somebody would find new opportunity or be not happy with what you have provided and move on. There’s nothing wrong in it, as time changes people change, their priority changes and so they move on. The best we can do is keep you habitat’s condition at optimum level to attract birds. Weather they stay, and how long, only time will tell.

                So the task at hand continues, to optimize the work place with changing time and to find right people to build the team

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