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Project Plan Template [Excel]

It’s just a simple project plan document created in excel that can help you manage

  • Work Break Down structure
  • Allocation at activity level in WBS. Can assign in four areas,
    • Onsite-Functional
    • Onsite-Technical
    • Offshore Functional
    • Offshore-Technical
  • Availability Sheet enables
    • Workload overview
    • Resource leveling
  • Scheduling at each WBS sheet level
  • Summary page would display
    • Total work estimate per WBS element
    • Off shoring percentage
    • Readiness index

Kindly download the PPT [2007].

Ideas on improvement are welcome,  if supported by excel, would be implemented weekly in new versions.

Though use of template requires fair knowledge of Excel, if in doubt, kindly ask. We have left the formula open if you wish to understand the working of it and also to improvise as required

#2003 Format - PPT [2003]

Hope it helps!


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