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New Take on Resume

I have been struggling with resumes quite a lot and no matter how many times I read it before taking an interview, whilst it is ongoing, I endlessly shift between the pages to make sense of the discussion. After many of these struggles I asked these questions to myself before putting it forth to you.
  • How many times have you flipped through a resume to understand if the candidate is eligible for a job Posting
  • How many times during an interview have you tried to go to a page or section of which candidate is talking about
  • Do you think resumes that ends in several pages leads to frustration just to figure out what’s in it
  • Is there an opportunity to improve that

In some of the primary discussions with my friends who take numerous interviews, this was a common problem we face. I asked around to more colleague  who agreed to having the same problem

While writing one of the project plan and using the grouping functionality of Excel I thought of how it could improve the overall design of a resume. This has given me sufficient reasons to think that this can be a very easy way of reviewing any resume and get a conclusion quicker than the normal way of doing it via Word.

Note: - There is an Excel attached at this Link. It is using Group and Outline function, hence on the top left side corner you will see [1][2][3]. clicking these button opens up that level of group. There also is a [+] sign on the rows which expands and collapses as required, and each row is formated in a way to give summary level overview.

Though it is at a very initial stage and would require further refining, I wanted some inputs from all of you to help me make it more relevant and user-friendly.

After the final version we wish to put it on Microsoft’s office template sections so that anybody can use it.

Expecting your frank opinion…

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